Dr Jagadish Krishnan

Dr Jagadish Krishnan
Male Practitioner

Dr Jagadish Krishnan more commonly known as Jags, was born and brought up in a tea growing town named Kotagiri, in The Nilgiris District, in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. He moved to the United Kingdom for further studies and career development before relocating to Perth, Western Australia in 2006. He worked as a General Practitioner in Byford for about 4 years before deciding to form his own company, Perth GP. Dr Jags now a leading general practitioner of Perth and has got special interests in Skin Cancer and Information Technology.
Dr Jags is a proud recipient of the Legend Award of Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and Sam Bada IMG Support Award for exemplary contribution to International Medical Graduates Education Programme.
He captained his medical college team in soccer. Dr Jags still has a keen interest in soccer and he coaches the under 10’s team at the Western Knights Soccer Club. He also plays in the Masters team at the Western Knights.
He is happily married to Dr Yaamini Jagadish and has two children – Dheekshana and Sridhar.